Welcome to Year 5, I am Mr Hin.

During the year we undertake a number of exciting IPC units which cover a broad range of topics such as; the Solar System, Renewable Energy, Living and Growing as well as the Art and History of different.  We will also be exploring where our feelings and emotions come from and how they may affect us.

Our primary aim is to help prepare your child for the challenges and rigours of Year 6 and ensure they make as much progress as possible. This means building on their literacy and numeracy skills. We also believe the key to lifelong learning is nurturing curious minds and encouraging pupils to become more independent.

As teachers, it is our aim to not only to build good relationships with children, but also with parents. With this in mind, we would like to keep you informed and up to date with what is happening.

We hope your child will have a fun and hard-working year with us in 5L and 5U! Please see our class blogs for more information.

Mr Hin and Ms Thakar.


As part of our English curriculum we study a range of texts and genres of writing, including Romeo and Juliet and The Highwayman. In Maths lessons we will be learning key skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, angles, fractions, decimals and percentages as well as problem solving and data handing.

All children in Year 5 have a fantastic opportunity to learn how to play an instrument with a Specialist Music Teacher. Pupils can continue this into Year 6.

We hope your child will have a fun and hard-working year with us in 5L and 5U! Please see our class blogs for more information.

For further information you can view our Curriculum Maps here: Autumn Term 1.


Mrs Thakar

My name is Mrs Thakar I am a secondary trained teacher.  I teach year 5 at John Perry Primary School.I am very passionate about the use of ICT and I hope to share my love of Maths in children’s learning too.

Previously I have worked in various secondary and primary schools in Essex.  Before I started teaching I worked as technical support analyst in a large housing association for 8 years.

My first job was an IT/Audio visual assistant in the University of Birmingham. I am also a first aid instructor and can teach various first aid courses.

Mr Hin

My name is Mr Hin. I am currently teaching in Year 5 and enjoying it thoroughly.
I have been teaching now for 10 years. I enjoy teaching – no two days are ever the same and the children always bring a smile to my face. Previous to this, I worked for HM Revenue & Customs.
Any spare time I have, I like to spend with my family and during the warmers months, I also like to do a spot of gardening.
I count myself very fortunate to be working in such a lovely school, teaching such well-behaved and enthusiastic children.