Add a little face paint!

This is my husband, my daughter and myself. Every week we have a zoom quiz with other members of the family. There are about 10- 12 groups that join in. Each time someone different is in charge of asking the questions. It’s just a little bit of fun, and it helps those of the family who live on their own or don’t see many people; keep in touch.  It was our turn to ask the questions and all of our questions were about music. (name the artist, name the song, guess the next line of lyrics) We thought it would be fun if we put on some face paints and pretended that we were ‘pop stars’. In case you don’t know who we are. My husband is David Bowie. My daughter is a member of a band called kiss and I am Adam Ant. If you have never heard of them ‘google’ them and see!           

Don’t forget to check out the last page of week 7 lessons for a fun quiz! 

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