Christianity and the Soul

5T had a visit from Mrs McFaul, a parent helper, who follows the religion Christianity. Mrs McFaul was able to teach 5T, what Christians believe about the soul and why it is important to them. We have had fun understanding our own beliefs about the soul and understanding what other religions believe.

What we liked best about learning about religious views about the soul:

Zahi- ” I like the idea that there is nothing more best, it tells us not to take things for granted and to love everyone.”

Jemimah- “I like the Christian and Jewish beliefs about the soul because you get to have an eternal life in heaven with God.”

Josh- “I agree with Humanists because I believe that you should be able to prove something to believe in it.”

Isha- “Christians, Muslims and Jews have my favourite idea about the soul because I like that your soul can float to heaven to God.”

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