Famous Fish Cakes




This week we made our own fish cakes. We had the opportunity to use a number of different techniques in the preparation of these delicious creations. We had to cut the top and bottom off the spring onions, peel the outer skin, prick the potato with a fork, open the can  with a can opener, pour the can of tuna into a sieve and let it drain, cut the cooked jacket potato in half, scoop out the potato, mash it up, mix well with a fork, add the lemon juice from our juicer, roll the crackers in a plastic bag using a rolling pin to make crumbs, roll the our mix into a ball and then squash into a fish cake shape. After all of that we sprinkled our cracker crumbs onto the cakes.

Baked them in the oven until golden brown.

Last but not least… eat them while they are still warm.

Delicious, tasty, moreish

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