Ducklings Hatching :) Wednesday 12th May

We had a great surprise when we came into Nursery this morning – one of the ducklings had hatched! 

The Nursery children loved looking at the ducklings today and talking about what they could see. We first looked when the 2nd duckling hadn’t hatched yet and was inside the egg trying to hatch. 

Then the 2nd duckling hatched while we were playing in the garden, so now there are 2 ducklings! 

Here are some of things the children said: 

“Can we take them out (of the incubator)?” 

“They’re so fluffy.” 

“We help them (to hatch)” 

“Can we open it, they need water.” 

“Can we look at them again tomorrow?” 

“It’s eating the egg!” 

Now that there are 2 ducklings, we have moved them into the cage. 

They’re so tired from their busy day! 

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