Look what I found on my walk this morning!

Wow look at these! On my walk this morning I went past a tree (A Hawthorn) and I noticed a small cotton wool blob on the end of a branch. At first I thought it was a spiders web. But when I looked closely WELL!! look what it was.

These wriggly caterpillars have just hatched. They will now strip the tree bare and get nice and fat, ready to change into a cocoon. Then when the time is right they will change into silvery grey moths, which will only come out at night or just as it is getting dark. I noticed that they had red dots on their backs…this is so that birds will not eat them, instead the birds think that the dots are eyes and this frightens the birds away. I also found out that they are very hairy and you should not pick them up as their hairs will cause you to become very itchy… I wonder what I will find on my next journey.

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