Year 3 visited Dagenham Parish Church this week to investigate materials.


Our Science topic this half term has been focusing on rocks and their properties. We visited the church graveyard to see the rocks which were used on gravestones and we discussed the differences in the durability of the gravestones.


The oldest gravestone we spotted had been there for over 300 years! It was slightly cracked and eroded however there were some gravestones which were only around 100 years old which were in a much worse condition. We found that if you want a gravestone to last in a good condition it is important to use a strong and durable rock to make it.


We decided that the best type of rock to make a gravestone is marble because all the marble gravestones looked in a great condition and were still very shiny. However, we did consider that only the more recent gravestones were made out of marble so perhaps this is the reason why they look in a better condition.


It was very interesting looking around and thinking about the lives which once lived in our local area.

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