Not such a sunny day today but look what I found!

Today I found some interesting plants and other things…BUT I HAD TO LOOK VERY CAREFULLY

It made me think. I wonder if it is really noisy for those ants, ladybirds, worms and earwigs that live under these bells. I thought about them blowing in the wind and how much noise they would make. Can you imagine?


When I walked around the lake I thought someone had left some rubbish in the reeds here. I was ready to go and get it out and put it in the bin where it belonged..but

Then I realised that it might not be rubbish after all!

If you look really carefully you can just make out that it is in fact a swan… and she is sitting on a nest. Now I’ll have to go back there in about 3 or 4 weeks time to see the baby swans ( or cygnets as they are called). How clever of her to blend in with the reeds and to be far enough away not to be disturbed by humans. I can’t wait to see how many chicks she has. I will have to keep my dog on the lead when I visit next because a mother swan can be very aggressive when she is looking after and protecting her young. 

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