Science fun!

This week, the Science Club went on an exciting adventure to Eastbrook School. Here, they joined the whole country in a science fair. They had done their researching and experimenting and answered the question: Do all liquids weigh the same?

The children found out that liquids they tested have different density. Some liquids have high density and will therefore sink to the bottom of a cup, whereas other liquids have low density which means they will float to the top.

The liquids they tested were:

  • Honey
  • Golden syrup
  • Milk
  • Water
  • Oil

This was the result:

The children then presented their data to hundreds of other children from different schools in the surrounding area. They were very clear in explaining themselves and gave lots of new information that amazed even the teachers there.



In Science Club they supported their results by making lava lamps from water, oil and food colouring. They also helped other children to make these on the day of The Great Science Share too. It was a very messy task, but other schools loved what the children had done!

Lastly, the Science Club got to see other children’s work as well. There were many experiments that they have not seen at school, and they were able to get many new ideas on what they would like to explore!

We hope we have as much fun next year at the science fair as we did this year!

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