Year 3’s trip to the Museum of London

Yesterday, all of year three got to go to the Museum of London to see a Roman exhibition. We have been learning about the Romans and Celts so it was great that we got to go and see some artefacts that were found from that time period.

What happened in our day…

Well unfortunately it was raining in the morning, but we were prepared with our coats and hoods. We walked to Dagenham East station to get on the district line (which was our first train of the day). We learnt that this was the green line and were very excited to count the stops and find different stops we had been to before! Once we had been on this train for what felt like forever, we had to all jump off onto the platform where it was very dark because we were underground.

The next train we had to get on was the central line. This was a really fast train and because it was so fast, it made our ears go all funny! Mrs Palmer and some of the children were looking through the window at us, because they had to get on the other carriage which was really busy. This was a much quicker train than the previous one because we only had to go 3 stops.

We had a little walk and then we arrived at the Museum. It seemed like it was going to be a small museum, but when we looked over the barriers there were lots of floors and many things we would like to go back and see. We were there to look at the Roman exhibition however.

We got rid of all our coats and bags and were ready to explore properly!

When we first went in, there were lots of models of different parts of Roman life which were really interesting to look at. There were small people doing jobs such as; building different buildings, looking after animals and some people were washing clothes.

After we were on a hunt to fill out our information sheets. We found old Roman coins which Romans used to buy what they needed. We looked at what Roman workers might have needed in different jobs. We found some statues which were in temples when the Romans worshipped. We even got to see what a Roman kitchen and living room would have looked like. It was very different to ours because they did not have any electricity. No microwave, no cooker, just an open fire with a pot on! One of the best things we got to see was the tomb of a Roman woman. We loved looking at this because it reminded us of when we learnt about the Egyptians.

After a long day of finding out more information about the Romans we had to get ready to go home. We had already eaten our lunch so it was time to get on the trains again. We enjoyed a few games of eye spy and when we got home it was ALREADY home time. We had a really great day and would love to go another museum soon!

We found some bones that were found in Ilford!

We peeked through a Roman window that had protection.

We found a pump Romans might have used for water.

A real Roman fort!!!

We listened to different information about the Roman home.

A Roman living room.

A Roman kitchen.

The train journey home.

The train journey home.

The train journey home.

The train journey home.

The train journey home.

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