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Year 1 Spring 2

In Maths we have been learning about place value.  We have been partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and ones.  We know the value of each digit in a number and can use this knowledge to solve addition and subtractions problems.  We have been using these place value grids to show how numbers are broken down […]

Black History Month – 1B – Stand By Me

Black History Month 1A I Say a Little Prayer for You

Democracy at work

We had a great couple of days in school with pupils voting for School Council Representatives, House Captains and Vice House Captains. We had over 100 candidates. All pupils were eligible to stand for the KS2 Council Representatives, Year 6 pupils for House Captains and Yr 5 for Vice House Captains. Speeches were heard and […]

Healthy Schools Award – Gold

Healthy Schools London school's celebration event. City Hall, London with Mrs L Buckle Yr 2 second from the right. Thank you Mrs Buckle for all your fantastic work getting the school up to the Gold Standard.

Float or sink?

These past few weeks in Science the year 1 children have been learning about Every day materials and their properties . As part of this, the children were faced with a question “what is the best material to make a boat?” Some of the children said ” It’s floating and moving because of the wind […]

Phonics Screening Presentation

Please find attached the Phonics Screening Presentation delivered to Yr1. Because the file has been saved as a movie, you will have to stop it at every page (unless you’re a very quick reader) so you can consider each item carefully.   Many thanks

Autism Awareness Week – Meet Julia a new character in Sesame Street.

Autism Awareness Week

This week is Autism Awareness Week. At John Perry Primary we have specialist teachers, teaching assistants and support workers who work with a group of children with autism in our ARP (Additional Resourced Provision) who are led by Mrs Fallows. We are looking to raise the awareness of the children, parents and all those who […]

What are you doing online?

What are doing online that can have an impact on your family? Never leave your location based services enabled on social media sites. Children use social media especially on their phones so if their ‘GPS’ is left on, then anyone can know where they are, especially if your child walks home alone. Be careful with […]

Our trip to the library!

Last week all of the Year 1 classes had the chance to visit Dagenham Library! We all had so much fun and decided to share some of it with you! Our first stop was at the children’s area, we got to take a good look around at all the children’s books and then we sat […]

World Book Day!

Year 1 had a fun filled day of activities to celebrate the 20th anniversary of World Book Day! It was great to see them in their vibrant costumes and full of enthusiasm to talk about their favourite stories and listen to new ones. We are sure it was a big success and that children were inspired […]

Year One Has Landed

Year One has been learning about the 1969 Apollo 11 Mission and how this led to man first stepping onto the moon. After watching A Grand Day Out, the children decided that they could try to build their own rocket and venture into space like Wallace and Gromit. Although most children knew that the moon […]

Chinese New Year

This week in 1A we have been celebrating the Chinese New Year. First, we talked about how this special celebration is held in China and we learnt about the Chinese New Year Story and found out how the 12 animals became part of the Chinese Zodiac. According to the Chinese Zodiac, this is the year of the […]

Time travel and timelines!

Last week the children started their exciting new topic “Time Travellers”. In this topic the children will be travelling through time, looking at events that have happened in the past and taking on the role of historians. To start the topic off the children have all been working hard learning about timelines and how to use […]

Christmas Concert Practice

1B have been busy exercising their vocal cords to prepare for the big show!

Animals Including Humans

In 1A we have been learning about living things and labelling the human body.

Herbivores, Omnivores or Carnivores?

In science this week class 1S have been learning about what different living things eat.

Year One

Welcome to the Year One blog space! Here we will be posting some of the exciting things we do in class every week!