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1B Class Assembly

Welcome to 1B's Virtual Class Assembly. Enjoy. 1B Class Assembly

1S Class Assembly

Welcome to 1S’s Assembly. We hope you enjoy all the things that we have learnt. In 1S we learnt about Plants and how they grow. We also read a book called Willbee the Bumblebee. 1S Class Assembly

1A Class Assembly

This half term the children have loved learning about a variety of topics. Our assembly was created by the children. They told me all the things that have learnt this half term and what they would like to share with you all. The children lead all the ideas that you will see. So find out [...]

RE Art Day – World Religions Day

In year 1 we designed Art work around the word ‘Holy’. We chose a word that was ‘holy’ to us and created a stained glass window effect. We carefully cut out our letters and used different coloured tissue paper for the background.