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RD Transport Walk

We had so much fun on our transport walk. We completed a tally chart of all the different transport we saw. We saw a range of different cars talking about their size and colour. We saw lots of lorries and vans, one even stopped to deliver some food. Then a tractor came past and we […]

Artist study Diep Minh Chau- Vietnamese painter and sculptor

This term 4J’s artist study was Diep Minh Chau, a Vietnamese painter and sculptor. Diep Minh Chau was awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize  (an honorary award given by the government of Vietnam in recognition of cultural and/or scientific achievement) for fine art in 1996.​ We created our own clay sculptures and yes it was a little messy, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. […]

Chinese New Year

Reception have been learning about Chinese New Year this week. We started by discussing how we celebrated our New Year a few weeks ago and the traditions we have. We then learnt why and how China celebrates their new year.  We listened to the story ‘The Great Race’ and learnt about the Chinese calendar. We […]

Storytelling Day

Reception really enjoyed coming in school today in their pjamas. They had a great time, listening to different stories written by the author Julia Donaldson.

Transport Role Play Fun!

Our topic this half term is Transport. We turned out Role Play Area into a Bus Station. We have been using all the props and toys to pretend we are buying tickets to ride on the bus. Some of us have even pretended to be the Bus Driver! We are having so much fun!  

4V’s Fife Lesson

Since September, the Year 4 children have been having weekly fife lessons. We have been busy singing and playing songs and can now read some musical notes. 4V have been practising playing ‘Mamma Mia’, it’s a challenge, but we will keep on trying!    

Punctuation and Grammar Activity

Class 6I took part in a 'Great Grammar Hunt' on Friday 1st February. It involved the class teacher placing Spelling and Grammar questions strategically around the classroom and the pupils had to choose from multiple choice answers. What a great and fun way of learning.

Place Value

This week we have been learning about identifying the tens and ones digits in any number.  We used a range of manipulative to explore this practically. 

Young Carers-‘Wear something Yellow’

'Wear Something Yellow' Young Carers

World Religion Week

Last week we celebrated World Religion Day by doing fun and creative activities about the theme “Where is God”. We looked at  suffering in Judaism and Hinduism. Children retold the story of Job and wrote a poem about Karma. They also got a chance to create art work on the topic. Here are some photos […]

Christianity and the Soul

Year 5 and 6 had a visit from Mrs McFaul, a parent helper, who follows the religion Christianity. Mrs McFaul was able to teach years 5 and 6, what Christians believe about the soul and why it is important to them. We have had fun understanding our own beliefs about the soul and understanding what […]

Wednesday 23rd January Year 4’s Mayan workshop.

Our Mayan Warrior ‘Big Nose.’ On Wednesday 23rd January 2018, we were visited by our own Mayan Warrior. Year four had the opportunity to learn about the Ancient Mayan history, culture and religion. We acted out different scenario’s and had the pleasure of tasting Mayan chocolate. It turned out to be such an amazing day. […]

Christianity and the Soul

5T had a visit from Mrs McFaul, a parent helper, who follows the religion Christianity. Mrs McFaul was able to teach 5T, what Christians believe about the soul and why it is important to them. We have had fun understanding our own beliefs about the soul and understanding what other religions believe. What we liked […]

New Year Resolutions

RD really enjoyed learning about how we celebrate a New Year, some even shared their own experiences of New Year parties they had been to. We discussed how a Scottish poem is sung and danced along to when the clock hits 12 o’clock on the 1st January. We had a listen to ‘Auld Lang Syne’ […]

Team work!

In nursery we learn about team work. We work with our friends to achieve a goal. We are learning that tasks are often easier with support of friends! Today we are construction workers and we are busy planning and building structures!

Treasure hunt

We went on a treasure hunt in the nursery garden. We had to look at our checklist and search for items. When we found an item we had to mark it off on our sheet.

Nursery pupil profiles

We love looking at our EYFS pupil profiles and discussing our learning and achievements. We are proud of our work and like to show others. We compare ourselves when we started nursery to now. We have grown up and learnt so much already!

The Prodigal Son – Storytelling for World Religion week

As part of World Religion week, Mrs McFaul came to nursery to tell us a Bible story; The Prodigal Son. We joined in with sound effects and actions and learnt about God welcoming people. Afterwards we had fun role playing the story and making our own storybooks sequencing the pictures of the story. Thank you […]

Healthy teeth!

In nursery we brush our teeth everyday. We know that we need to keep our mouths and gums healthy. We even brush our tongues! We listen to different tooth brushing songs to help us to clean the fronts and the backs of our teeth. Say cheese!

Exploring ice

E We found ice in our garden this morning! We talked about how it got here. We noticed that when we held the ice in our hands, water began to drip! We found out that our warm hands were melting the ice!

Science Enquiry!

During Science this week, the children undertook some independent learning. They were tasked with finding out details about the Human circulatory system, our Science topic for this Half Term. They used iPads to scan the internet, using their research skills, to answer questions about the circulatory system.

British Values Competition

Over the Christmas break, Year 6 children were given the opportunity to partake in a competition about British Values. The children were given the chance to present their learning in different ways. It was great to see a range of work being submitted such as biographies, posters, leaflets etc… We would like to say a […]

Mayan Headdress

In our topic ‘The Mayans’ we have made our own headdresses using paper plates, feathers and paint. The headdresses were a symbol of status and the more elaborate they were, the more important you were considered to be!     We hope you like them, From 4V!

1A’s Beegu Freeze Frame Fun! 🙂

Today in our Literacy lesson, we have enjoyed listening to the story ‘Beegu’. We were also able to use our imagination to discuss her feelings at different scenes of the story. We were thrilled to engage in the fun and interactive ‘freeze- frame’ activity where we suggested what Beegu might be saying in the moment […]

1S Mathematics in action!

This we have been learning to recognise, name and sort 3D shapes. We have begun to look at some of their properties to identify which group they belong to. We also know that the same shapes can have different size, colour and orientation.


This week 5U have been problem solving! We have been working on this skill for a while now and enjoy using our brains to work out tricky problems, as well as working with our friends. Here is the problem we were trying to solve: Here we are working hard: Here are some of our solutions: […]

Welcome back to all our staff and pupils

Golden Table Award

School Councillors and House Captains enjoying their 'Golden Table' reward lunch.

Christmas Jumper Day 2018

Children having fun today!

Royal Albert Hall

John Perry choir at the Royal Albert Hall

Children In Need

John Perry pupils being spotty for Children In Need.  


Year 6 on day 5 of the activities.


Year 6 on day 4 of the activities at Trewern.


Year 6 pupils (and staff) having a wonderful time in Trewern.


  We socialise with our friends when we are doing puzzles. We are learning to take turns and to help each other. If a piece doesn’t fit, we are learning to persist and try rotating the piece until it fits.

Car wash

We enjoy role play. Today we made a car wash and we washed all the dirty cars! We used language in our play and explored new vocabulary such as tyres and windscreens.

5 currant buns in a Baker’s shop!

We made currant buns using play dough. We practised counting when checking how many currants we had used. We love role play in the Bakery. We pretend to bake and sell bread and cakes and we talk about cost and how many coins we need.

Building a wall for Humpty Dumpty

We built a wall for Humpty Dumpty. We used our muscles to lift and carry bricks and we made sure to wear our helmets. We used wheelbarrows to transport the bricks and we worked as a team when building the wall.

Garden time

We enjoy playing in the garden. We can explore, do some exercise and play games with our friends. We are learning to use the space safely and to avoid obstacles. We have been digging and watering in the flowerbeds.

Nursery AM parents viewing profiles

We invited our families to come and see our EYFS pupil profiles. They loved it! They are so proud of how well we’ve settled into nursery. We enjoyed showing off all the activities we have been up to so far this term.

Nursery PM parents viewing profiles

  Our families are so proud of our achievements in nursery so far. We were so excited to invite them into nursery to view our pupil profiles with us!