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Royal Albert Hall

John Perry choir at the Royal Albert Hall

Children In Need

John Perry pupils being spotty for Children In Need.  


Year 6 on day 5 of the activities.


Year 6 on day 4 of the activities at Trewern.


Year 6 pupils (and staff) having a wonderful time in Trewern.


  We socialise with our friends when we are doing puzzles. We are learning to take turns and to help each other. If a piece doesn’t fit, we are learning to persist and try rotating the piece until it fits.

Car wash

We enjoy role play. Today we made a car wash and we washed all the dirty cars! We used language in our play and explored new vocabulary such as tyres and windscreens.

5 currant buns in a Baker’s shop!

We made currant buns using play dough. We practised counting when checking how many currants we had used. We love role play in the Bakery. We pretend to bake and sell bread and cakes and we talk about cost and how many coins we need.

Building a wall for Humpty Dumpty

We built a wall for Humpty Dumpty. We used our muscles to lift and carry bricks and we made sure to wear our helmets. We used wheelbarrows to transport the bricks and we worked as a team when building the wall.

Garden time

We enjoy playing in the garden. We can explore, do some exercise and play games with our friends. We are learning to use the space safely and to avoid obstacles. We have been digging and watering in the flowerbeds.

Nursery AM parents viewing profiles

We invited our families to come and see our EYFS pupil profiles. They loved it! They are so proud of how well we’ve settled into nursery. We enjoyed showing off all the activities we have been up to so far this term.

Nursery PM parents viewing profiles

  Our families are so proud of our achievements in nursery so far. We were so excited to invite them into nursery to view our pupil profiles with us!