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Ducklings Hatching 🙂

We had a great surprise when we came into Nursery this morning – one of the ducklings had hatched!  The Nursery children loved looking at the ducklings today and talking about what they could see. We first looked when the 2nd duckling hadn’t hatched yet and was inside the egg trying to hatch.  Then the 2nd […]

Duckling Eggs

Here is today’s egg picture. Can you see anything?  Some of them are starting to crack! How egg-citing! 🙂    The children suggested some rules that we will follow and they also said how we can look after the ducklings and eggs.  These are the rules that they thought of:  Well done for your great […]

Eggs! (2021)

In Nursery today, we got some eggs! What do you think might be inside them? They are sitting in the incubator. What will the eggs do next? Keep checking our blog to find out!

Goodbye Year 6

Goodbye and good luck to year six, we wish you all the very best! This fantastic origami artwork was made by JR in 6I. Well done!

Works of Art and Creative Activities

Hi Nursery children and families,  Take a look at these brilliant art activities that some of you have been doing at home, maybe you want to try some of these activities (I know that we want to give them a go!).  A great way to create Elmer using shapes, glue and an empty milk carton!  […]

Exploring and Exercising

Hello there!  Take a look below at more exciting activities that some of you have been doing, great work!  You’ve been going on plant hunt to explore and see what flowers and plants you can find:    You’ve been doing lots of exercising and trying Joe Wick’s PE classes:    You have been busy playing […]

Literacy And Maths Learning

Hello Nursery children and families,  Here are some more exciting reading, writing and maths activities that you have been doing, what amazing work!  Wishing you all the best,  Miss Dulwich, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Sirazi 🙂 

Nursery Art

Hi Nursery children and families,  Here are some of the amazing art activities that you have been doing at home.  All the best,  Miss Dulwich, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Sirazi 🙂    

Nursery Maths

Hello there to our Nursery children and families! How are you all doing? Here are some of the brilliant maths work you have been doing. Addition, matching numerals to quantities, tally charts, writing numbers, sorting everyday objects into 2D shapes, wow you’ve been working hard! Wishing you all the best, Miss Dulwich, Mrs Thomas and […]

Readers And Writers

Hello again to our Nursery children and families! We really hope you are all doing well. You’ve been doing more great work at home. Let’s look at some of the amazing writing and reading work you have been doing! All the best, Nursery team 🙂

Miss Slyman’s Challenge

Miss Slyman has set her 6I class a challenge this week. They need to send in pictures of their home-baking skills. Here are a few of the delicious contributions from Megan, Austeya, JR and Isha...lovely!

Add a little face paint!

This is my husband, my daughter and myself. Every week we have a zoom quiz with other members of the family. There are about 10- 12 groups that join in. Each time someone different is in charge of asking the questions. It’s just a little bit of fun, and it helps those of the family […]

Counting, Crafts, Planting, Tray Gardens…

Hello again Nursery children and families!  How are you all doing?  It’s been so lovely to see your fantastic work, you’ve been so busy!  Take a look at what you have been learning:  Wishing you all the best,  Nursery team 🙂 

What’s in a name?

On my walk today I found lots of plants. New ones seem to pop up every day! I love it when I notice a new flower, one that was not there yesterday. I took some photos of some of the plants…. then I noticed something!  This Is Ivy! WAIT! This is Daisy! HANG ON THERE’S […]

Nearly missed them!

Well I nearly missed these…they were going so fast.  The Red arrows flew over London on Friday. They were a part of the V.E. day celebrations. when they got to London they sprayed out red white and blue smoke. They are very loud as they go past.  

Nursery Hello And Home Learning

Hi Nursery children and families, We hope you’re all doing well, we’re missing you all.  So many of you have been busy reading stories on Bug Club, which is fantastic! We’ve also seen some great work that you’ve done on Purple Mash and from our home learning packs. Thank you for all your hard work!  […]

Not such a sunny day today but look what I found!

Today I found some interesting plants and other things…BUT I HAD TO LOOK VERY CAREFULLY It made me think. I wonder if it is really noisy for those ants, ladybirds, worms and earwigs that live under these bells. I thought about them blowing in the wind and how much noise they would make. Can you […]

Another early morning walk…what did I find?

   That looked like cotton wool to me! When I looked closer… it was a wriggling mess of caterpillars… still munching away at the Hawthorn tree they are on. So I went on the hunt for spiders webs. You can just see this intricate pattern on this spiders web. How does it do that? It […]

Why don’t you try this …it’s magic

We watched some magic today Take a pack of skittles   place the skittles onto a plate in a round circle Carefully add some boiling water Then sit back and watch the magic….

St Georges Day at John Perry

What a day…St George like you have never seen before


We are all very proud of our John Perry children, today they  painted lovely rainbows to adorn the walls of Queen's Hospital and King George's Hospital. Another wonderful idea.. Thank you. .


We are so proud of our John Perry children creating this 3D artwork ' Not all superheroes wear capes'. What a lovely idea and a great activity for the children.    

History on our doorstep!

        On my walk this morning I came across this!  It is part of World War two. It is called a Tett Turret.  During World War two there was an airfield based in Hornchurch. Hornchurch is 3 stops on the tube train from Dagenham East (the station closest to our school).  Air […]

Spot the difference

Have some fun during this temporary school closure. There are several differences between these two pictures, can you spot them?  

Look what I found on my walk this morning!

Wow look at these! On my walk this morning I went past a tree (A Hawthorn) and I noticed a small cotton wool blob on the end of a branch. At first I thought it was a spiders web. But when I looked closely WELL!! look what it was. These wriggly caterpillars have just hatched. […]

Mrs Moreline’s Morning Walk

Hello to you all. This is me and my dog Pepper on our early morning walk. We go out once a day for some exercise as that is what we are advised to do by the government. I usually go very early in the morning because I won't meet many people that way. Also it [...]

Key Workers

A big 'THANK YOU' to all the 'Key Workers' from John Perry Primary School. Stay Safe!

Watch out Master Chef

Year 4’s are continually developing our cooking skills. Last week we created our own stir fry using fresh vegetables, noodles, lemon juice and soy sauce. This week we surprised ourselves by making apple tarts using home made pastry. We used a number of different cookery techniques including: peeling, cutting, slicing, dicing, rolling and mixing to […]

Year 4 Mayan temples

The Spanish conquistadors discovered whole abandoned cities with strange pyramids and other buildings in the middle of the rain-forest. We created our own Mayan temples. This one is even taller than Mr Flint.  

Our Mayan Headdresses

This term our Humanities topic is ‘The Mayans.’ Mayan headdresses were an important part of the Mayan attire. The quality and sometimes the size of the headdress would tell people about the social status of the wearer. Can you spot any Royalty among our tribe?

Painting in the style of Claude Monet

Over the last few weeks we have been working on our painting skills. Using Claude Monet’s famous outdoor scenes as a basis, we created our own.                                       

How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth

For the last two weeks of Spring term year 3 will be working on ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’ written by Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley. They will be writing instructions and focusing on developing their use of imperative verbs. In order to do this we decided to build our own woolly mammoths first […]

World Religion Day

  We used water colours to produce our own paintings of the devastating wild fires in Australia.

Our European Neighbours

This term year 4 are studying our European Neighbours. First we had to identify and name the seven continents of the world and then we had an understanding of where and how big Europe is. This week we used the laptops to find out the capital cities of many of the European countries. We now […]

World Religion Day

Last week to celebrate 'World Religion Day', year 6 created posters to show what they are inspired by. They used collage taken from newspapers and magazines to portray an abstract piece of work. They also wrote a small explanation about their inspiration for later life.    

World Religion Day

To celebrate 'World Religion Day' 4K produced some religious art work. The theme was 'Are we spoiling God's good Earth?' We reflected on the fact that many religions teach their followers that the Earth is God's creation, but the beauty of it, is being destroyed by humans. Using water colour paints we demonstrated how our [...]

World Religion Day

RD looked at lots of different information about 'World Religion Day', we spoke about the different religions in the world and the children said words that they knew based on their own religions. To show the unity and respect for each other that 'World Religion Day' brings, we created a colourful background of all the [...]

Nursery RE

  In Nursery we have been discussing holy words and the religions of Islam, Christianity and Hinduism. We have been talking about different festivals that we can celebrate during the year and how people might celebrate them. 

RE Art Day – World Religions Day

In year 1 we designed Art work around the word ‘Holy’. We chose a word that was ‘holy’ to us and created a stained glass window effect. We carefully cut out our letters and used different coloured tissue paper for the background.

RE and Art Day- Are we spoiling God’s Earth?

In Year 3 we have been exploring through art things we need to do to protect God’s Earth. We discussed what things we enjoy doing outside such as swimming, playing and running around. We used chalk and black card to create scenes of beautifulsettings with images of children enjoying themselves.

Reindeer Assembly

John Perry had a special Reindeer Assembly today, with a visit from Santa! Two children won a cuddly reindeer toy, for being able to understand and explain why the 'Reindeer Run' took place on Monday. One of our ARP children Kye Jones raised an amazing £460 for the charity! That took the amount raised (so [...]

December-more like Religious-cember!

5L have been extremely lucky these last few weeks,  they have had visitors from different religions come into school and enlighten the children about their faith and their journey to their religion. 5L have also been on a trip  to see the Nativity in Romford. They were able to gain knowledge about the story of [...]

Barking Stinks!

5L went on their first trip last week to Valence Museum, to discover the layers of smells and stenches that tell the story of Barking's rich industrial past. From the fragrance of thriving fisheries to the stench of the sewage works, manure to match makers, and fertiliser fumes to fizzy pop factories. The children got [...]

Black History, Poetry, Debates and a Bug Hunt…OH MY!

This week has been a busy week for 5L! For Black History we have been learning about slavery and a man called Frederick Douglass who helped changed the lives of not only black people but he also fought for women's rights. We have been writing a balanced argument to understand why some people thought slavery [...]

Imperial War Musuem

This week 6I went to the Imperial War Museum to continue their learning on World War 2. They were able to partake in a question treasure hunt to find out as much extra information as they could. Here are some pictures documenting their brilliantly fun day out:

Black History Month

To start Black History Month with a bang, 5L was drumming up some learning in their African Drumming workshop. The children learnt about where the drums came from, how to follow a beat and create their own beats. "I really enjoyed learning about a musical instrument"- Dari"This was fantastic!"- John Luke