ESOL: English for Speakers of Other Languages

Leaflet for Parents: View Here

Maths Leaflet: View Here

Community Interpreting Leaflet: View Here

British Values Award: View Here

Front Cover : View Here

Staying Healthy : View Here

All About EAL : View Here

Activate Your Imagination : View Here

The World Around Us : View Here

Beginner Maths Pack : View Here

Literacy Pack KS1/2 : View Here

Teach Your Child To Read: View Here

British Council Listen and Watch: View Here

Support For Multilingual Families at Home

Multilingual Booklet Link View Here

At Home Booklet Bengali View Here

At Home Booklet Portuguese : View Here

At Home Booklet Lithuanian View Here

At Home Booklet Romanian : View Here

Also Available in Arabic, French, Gujurati, Kurdish, Polish,
Pujabi, Somali, Urdu and Yoruba.