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5U Class Assembly

"Welcome to 5U's assembly where we take you into our class book and tell you a ghost story that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end!"

5T Virtual Class Assembly

Welcome to 5T Virtual Class Assembly. 5T Class Assembly

5L Class Assembly

Welcome to 5L's Virtual Class Assembly. 5l have been learning a lot about shapes and everything connected to shape. We learned about the angles within shapes. We learned what the names of the angles are and how we can identify them. We learned how to use a protractor to measure angles. We have also learned [...]

December-more like Religious-cember!

5L have been extremely lucky these last few weeks,  they have had visitors from different religions come into school and enlighten the children about their faith and their journey to their religion. 5L have also been on a trip  to see the Nativity in Romford. They were able to gain knowledge about the story of [...]

Barking Stinks!

5L went on their first trip last week to Valence Museum, to discover the layers of smells and stenches that tell the story of Barking's rich industrial past. From the fragrance of thriving fisheries to the stench of the sewage works, manure to match makers, and fertiliser fumes to fizzy pop factories. The children got [...]

Black History, Poetry, Debates and a Bug Hunt…OH MY!

This week has been a busy week for 5L! For Black History we have been learning about slavery and a man called Frederick Douglass who helped changed the lives of not only black people but he also fought for women's rights. We have been writing a balanced argument to understand why some people thought slavery [...]

Black History Month

To start Black History Month with a bang, 5L was drumming up some learning in their African Drumming workshop. The children learnt about where the drums came from, how to follow a beat and create their own beats. "I really enjoyed learning about a musical instrument"- Dari"This was fantastic!"- John Luke