Year Five Blog

Perfect Pizzas by 5T

5T has a had a fantastic day creating Perfect Pizzas from our DT unit in Pizza Express Romford.   5T had fun learning and understanding the different ingredients that pizzas are made from. Children created their own margarita pizza and were able to explain each ingredient.   What we liked best about our trip to [...]

‘Golden Table’ Lunch, day 2

Captains, Vice-Captains and School Councillors Year 5 and 6 Captains, Vice-Captains and School Councillors joined SLT for their 'Golden Table' lunch treat today.

Looking After The Environment

SCIENCE DISPLAY Take a look at the excellent Science display 'helping to save the environment' - well done Miss Slyman for the brilliant idea of 'Keeping our Sea Plastic Free!' All made with plastic bottle tops. Some great writing too, well done to everyone that took part.

Mental Health Awareness Music Day

As part of the PSHE and Music curriculum, selected year 5 and 6 students took part in a music afternoon with Nick Brewer, looking at the effects of mental health on young children and how to create a positive impact on your own mental health through song writing and rap. The day was a huge […]

Christianity and the Soul

5T had a visit from Mrs McFaul, a parent helper, who follows the religion Christianity. Mrs McFaul was able to teach 5T, what Christians believe about the soul and why it is important to them. We have had fun understanding our own beliefs about the soul and understanding what other religions believe. What we liked […]


This week 5U have been problem solving! We have been working on this skill for a while now and enjoy using our brains to work out tricky problems, as well as working with our friends. Here is the problem we were trying to solve: Here we are working hard: Here are some of our solutions: […]