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Artist study Diep Minh Chau- Vietnamese painter and sculptor

This term 4J’s artist study was Diep Minh Chau, a Vietnamese painter and sculptor. Diep Minh Chau was awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize  (an honorary award given by the government of Vietnam in recognition of cultural and/or scientific achievement) for fine art in 1996.​ We created our own clay sculptures and yes it was a little messy, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. […]

4V’s Fife Lesson

Since September, the Year 4 children have been having weekly fife lessons. We have been busy singing and playing songs and can now read some musical notes. 4V have been practising playing ‘Mamma Mia’, it’s a challenge, but we will keep on trying!    

World Religion Week

Last week we celebrated World Religion Day by doing fun and creative activities about the theme “Where is God”. We looked at  suffering in Judaism and Hinduism. Children retold the story of Job and wrote a poem about Karma. They also got a chance to create art work on the topic. Here are some photos […]

Wednesday 23rd January Year 4’s Mayan workshop.

Our Mayan Warrior ‘Big Nose.’ On Wednesday 23rd January 2018, we were visited by our own Mayan Warrior. Year four had the opportunity to learn about the Ancient Mayan history, culture and religion. We acted out different scenario’s and had the pleasure of tasting Mayan chocolate. It turned out to be such an amazing day. […]

Mayan Headdress

In our topic ‘The Mayans’ we have made our own headdresses using paper plates, feathers and paint. The headdresses were a symbol of status and the more elaborate they were, the more important you were considered to be!     We hope you like them, From 4V!