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And ‘sew’ to Year 4….(Spring 2)

Year 4 have been having fun learning how to sew and join two pieces of fabric together. They chose their fabric, then their design and finally made a prototype. When they had decided what their money container would look like, they tried it out using paper. This meant that they had practised folding and joining […]

Black History Month – 4K – Ebony & Ivory

Black History Month 4J – Free

Democracy at work

We had a great couple of days in school with pupils voting for School Council Representatives, House Captains and Vice House Captains. We had over 100 candidates. All pupils were eligible to stand for the KS2 Council Representatives, Year 6 pupils for House Captains and Yr 5 for Vice House Captains. Speeches were heard and […]

Healthy Schools Award – Gold

Healthy Schools London school's celebration event. City Hall, London with Mrs L Buckle Yr 2 second from the right. Thank you Mrs Buckle for all your fantastic work getting the school up to the Gold Standard.

Bard to Bollywood!

I would like to congratulate all the children who attended the Bard to Bollywood mass performance this Thursday. They did an amazing job and all of their hard work over the last term finally paid off. It was a great day and even though it was a very early start, all children gave everything they […]

Year 4 have had a very exciting week this week with our cookery. Linking our learning to our tasting and digestive system we decided to try our hand at a sweet and sour stir fry. The children were able to differentiate between green, red and yellow peppers. Children tasted a variety of onions (spring, red […]

Autism Awareness Week – Meet Julia a new character in Sesame Street.

Autism Awareness Week

This week is Autism Awareness Week. At John Perry Primary we have specialist teachers, teaching assistants and support workers who work with a group of children with autism in our ARP (Additional Resourced Provision) who are led by Mrs Fallows. We are looking to raise the awareness of the children, parents and all those who […]

What are you doing online?

What are doing online that can have an impact on your family? Never leave your location based services enabled on social media sites. Children use social media especially on their phones so if their ‘GPS’ is left on, then anyone can know where they are, especially if your child walks home alone. Be careful with […]

Music Festival 2017!

A big WELL DONE! to the children and staff that took part in the 2017 Barking and Dagenham music festival. It was a great success and the children had an amazing time. They sung beautifully and the year 6 guitars played extraordinarily. We would also like to say a big well done to the other schools […]

Is this really how we want to look after our planet?

 Does this look like a stream near you? Year 4 have been learning about our active planet. We have discussed how we look after our planet, or as these pictures demonstrate- WE DON’T LOOK AFTER OUR PLANET.  Here Eleesha demonstrates how not looking after our planet can often result in birds becoming trapped in the […]

The Singing Ringing Tree

        Carefully does it!                                                         This is harder than it looks!                 Hmmm! doesn’t look much like a […]

What! Eating in class!

Year 4 are currently looking at the human body. In particular they are looking at their teeth and the digestive system. So that the children had an idea of which teeth did which job we allowed them to break the rules slightly and eat during lesson. Children ate quarter of a pear, a wholemeal wrap […]

Author Jack Trelawny visits John Perry Primary

It was fabulous having a visit from the inspiring author Jack Trelawny this morning. He came armed with his tales of Kurnowland and very unusual animals. It was really useful for the children to try and understand where an author gets his or her inspiration. Jack was very keen to pass on his tips for […]

The singing ringing tree

Year 4 are currently taking part in ‘the power of reading’ scheme. Children in year four understand that if they learn how to read it opens up a wealth of experiences for them and gives them the power to do anything they want. The children listened to, read, acted out and described parts of their […]

Owls – from Night Owls

    Good morning everyone. What a fabulous morning Yrs 3, 4 & 5 have had. They were treated to some real live owls. What was so exciting was that they actually did some flying, too. They learned a little about owls themselves, such as why they have to turn their heads (because their eyes are […]

What’s that you’re humming?

Year 4 are currently learning about performance poetry. They have read a variety of poems and have attempted to ‘act’ them out.