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Watch out Master Chef

Year 4’s are continually developing our cooking skills. Last week we created our own stir fry using fresh vegetables, noodles, lemon juice and soy sauce. This week we surprised ourselves by making apple tarts using home made pastry. We used a number of different cookery techniques including: peeling, cutting, slicing, dicing, rolling and mixing to […]

Year 4 Mayan temples

The Spanish conquistadors discovered whole abandoned cities with strange pyramids and other buildings in the middle of the rain-forest. We created our own Mayan temples. This one is even taller than Mr Flint.  

Our Mayan Headdresses

This term our Humanities topic is ‘The Mayans.’ Mayan headdresses were an important part of the Mayan attire. The quality and sometimes the size of the headdress would tell people about the social status of the wearer. Can you spot any Royalty among our tribe?

Painting in the style of Claude Monet

Over the last few weeks we have been working on our painting skills. Using Claude Monet’s famous outdoor scenes as a basis, we created our own.                                       

World Religion Day

  We used water colours to produce our own paintings of the devastating wild fires in Australia.

Our European Neighbours

This term year 4 are studying our European Neighbours. First we had to identify and name the seven continents of the world and then we had an understanding of where and how big Europe is. This week we used the laptops to find out the capital cities of many of the European countries. We now […]

World Religion Day

To celebrate 'World Religion Day' 4K produced some religious art work. The theme was 'Are we spoiling God's good Earth?' We reflected on the fact that many religions teach their followers that the Earth is God's creation, but the beauty of it, is being destroyed by humans. Using water colour paints we demonstrated how our [...]