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Goodbye Year 6

Goodbye and good luck to year six, we wish you all the very best! This fantastic origami artwork was made by JR in 6I. Well done!

Miss Slyman’s Challenge

Miss Slyman has set her 6I class a challenge this week. They need to send in pictures of their home-baking skills. Here are a few of the delicious contributions from Megan, Austeya, JR and Isha...lovely!

World Religion Day

Last week to celebrate 'World Religion Day', year 6 created posters to show what they are inspired by. They used collage taken from newspapers and magazines to portray an abstract piece of work. They also wrote a small explanation about their inspiration for later life.    

December-more like Religious-cember!

5L have been extremely lucky these last few weeks,  they have had visitors from different religions come into school and enlighten the children about their faith and their journey to their religion. 5L have also been on a trip  to see the Nativity in Romford. They were able to gain knowledge about the story of [...]

Imperial War Musuem

This week 6I went to the Imperial War Museum to continue their learning on World War 2. They were able to partake in a question treasure hunt to find out as much extra information as they could. Here are some pictures documenting their brilliantly fun day out: