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Ottoline and the Yellow Cat

In Year 3 we have started to read a book called Ottoline and the Yellow cat.   Semi says, “Ottoline likes listening to other people’s conversations.” Fabrizio says, “Ottoline and Mr Munroe live together in Pepperpot Building.” Nicole says, “Ottoline likes to solve problems.” Charlie says, “The book is a good book but we have […]

Year 3’s trip to the Museum of London

Yesterday, all of year three got to go to the Museum of London to see a Roman exhibition. We have been learning about the Romans and Celts so it was great that we got to go and see some artefacts that were found from that time period. What happened in our day… Well unfortunately it […]


In Year 3 we have been beginning to learn how to play the recorder. To start with we found it quite difficult not to blow too hard into the mouth piece, but as we have practiced we have got much better at creating the perfect sound through controlling how hard we blow into the recorder. […]


Year 3 visited Dagenham Parish Church this week to investigate materials.   Our Science topic this half term has been focusing on rocks and their properties. We visited the church graveyard to see the rocks which were used on gravestones and we discussed the differences in the durability of the gravestones.   The oldest gravestone […]

Egyptian Flatbread

In Year 3 we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians this term. We have learnt lots. Last week we had a go at designing, making and evaluating some Egyptian Flatbread.   First we designed what we wanted out flatbread to look like, then we made our flatbread by following instructions and then finally we […]

Problem Solving in Maths

In 3F we have been looking at problem solving in Maths. Today our problem was: Is it always, sometimes or never true that if you add three odd numbers the answer will be an even number? We decided as a class that the best way to solve this problem would be to investigate this. So […]

Expanded Column Addition

In Year 3 we have been looking at expanded column addition in Maths. Here is an example: What calculation does this show? How do you know? Can you explain how this has been calculated? Can you try some of your own?

Year 3 Ballet

Year 3 children are lucky enough to work alongside The Royal Ballet School this half term.   Here are some photos of our first session with them.   We really enjoyed it and can’t wait for our learning next week.

Democracy at work

We had a great couple of days in school with pupils voting for School Council Representatives, House Captains and Vice House Captains. We had over 100 candidates. All pupils were eligible to stand for the KS2 Council Representatives, Year 6 pupils for House Captains and Yr 5 for Vice House Captains. Speeches were heard and […]

Healthy Schools Award – Gold

Healthy Schools London school's celebration event. City Hall, London with Mrs L Buckle Yr 2 second from the right. Thank you Mrs Buckle for all your fantastic work getting the school up to the Gold Standard.

Bard to Bollywood!

I would like to congratulate all the children who attended the Bard to Bollywood mass performance this Thursday. They did an amazing job and all of their hard work over the last term finally paid off. It was a great day and even though it was a very early start, all children gave everything they […]

Test Blog

Testing 1,2,3

Word of the Week: Cooperation

Jemimah has yet again produced another fab piece of extra work to celebrate the word of the week. Well done!!

Meet 3F’s Autism Awareness Mascot

As part of Autism Awareness week 3F have been busy creating their life size Autism Awareness Mascot, also know as Alfred (who even made it into our autism awareness class photo). In addition to Alfred, 3F have been learning about what it might be like to live with autism and how others can help.

3F Explore the word of the week – Cooperation

Over the last 2 days the children of 3F have been participating in tasks and activities to learn about the meaning of the word cooperation. We have worked together to improve our communication, team work skills and problem solving skills. Here are some of the photos of the children and our special guest.  

Autism Awareness Week – Meet Julia a new character in Sesame Street.

Autism Awareness Week

This week is Autism Awareness Week. At John Perry Primary we have specialist teachers, teaching assistants and support workers who work with a group of children with autism in our ARP (Additional Resourced Provision) who are led by Mrs Fallows. We are looking to raise the awareness of the children, parents and all those who […]

What are you doing online?

What are doing online that can have an impact on your family? Never leave your location based services enabled on social media sites. Children use social media especially on their phones so if their ‘GPS’ is left on, then anyone can know where they are, especially if your child walks home alone. Be careful with […]

Music Festival 2017!

A big WELL DONE! to the children and staff that took part in the 2017 Barking and Dagenham music festival. It was a great success and the children had an amazing time. They sung beautifully and the year 6 guitars played extraordinarily. We would also like to say a big well done to the other schools […]

Another great word of the week poster!

Another great word of the week poster to celebrate British values! Well done Jemimah!

Words of the Week – Individual Liberties

A lovely poster from Jemimah in 3F this week to celebrate our words of the week ‘Individual liberties’

3F Investigate!

Today in science each table was given a different scientific question to investigate about plants and the best growing conditions for them. Using the resources supplied in their baskets, they had to design a scientific investigation that would allow them to find the answer to their question. Children created predictions, considered the variables that would […]

3F go the extra mile for the words of the week, ‘Rule of Law’

It’s great to see so many children in the school creating posters and researching extra information based on our words of the week. This week our words of the week were ‘Rule of law’.  Lucie and Jemimah got very creative, designing these very bright and informative posters.

Author Jack Trelawny visits John Perry Primary

It was fabulous having a visit from the inspiring author Jack Trelawny this morning. He came armed with his tales of Kurnowland and very unusual animals. It was really useful for the children to try and understand where an author gets his or her inspiration. Jack was very keen to pass on his tips for […]

Owls – from Night Owls

    Good morning everyone. What a fabulous morning Yrs 3, 4 & 5 have had. They were treated to some real live owls. What was so exciting was that they actually did some flying, too. They learned a little about owls themselves, such as why they have to turn their heads (because their eyes are […]

Magnet Madness!

Ella - 3M Isha - 3M Selin - 3M Malachai 3M Marley 3M Tyler 3M

Learning all about perimeter!

3F explore perimeter using the names of staff members!