Alongside their experiences at home and with families, nursery is the beginning of a child‘s lifelong learning journey, and what an exciting place to start!

In nursery, the children explore and learn through play every second of the day. They learn to share and take turns and to be kind to each other. Children are taught to express their needs and interests. They develop in resilience, confidence and independence. Nursery staff ensure that all children and their families feel valued, safe and secure. We pride ourselves on the relationships we develop with parents and families and strive to strengthen these home school links.

Nursery nurtures pupils’ strengths and helps them to learn and develop new skills to prepare them for the school years ahead and beyond.


Welcome to parents/carers of children starting in September.

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In Nursery we follow the Early Years Framework. We base all of our classroom activities around the children’s individual needs linking to the 7 areas of learning. The Nursery staff develop learning through practical and engaging experiences such as cooking, local visits and trips as well as inviting a range of visitors into school.

We aim to make activities creative and develop a child’s passion for exploring the world around them.

You can view our Nursery Curriculum here: Our Curriculum.

We will have circle time discussions about Autumn leaves using words to describe their
colours and textures e.g. ‘crunchy’

During our next topic we will talk about our favourite toys.

We will sing and dance to actions songs, copy simple dance routines, and we will learnt to use the bikes, balls, and climbing equipment safely in the garden.

We explore different materials for mark making and talk about what we have drawn or written. We take care of our books, turn the pages correctly and talk about stories we have heard.

We are learning lots of counting songs and rhymes! We are learning to recognise some numbers and to match them to small sets of objects.

We are learning about Autumn and are talking about the changes we have seen outside.

We are making autumn leaf collages, to do leaf rubbings, to create firework picture and lots more!

We are learning to be more independent learners and to select and use resources by ourselves. We are learning to share and take turns and play cooperatively with our new friends.


Katie Dulwich

Hello, my name is Miss Dulwich and I am the class teacher for our Nursery. I have lived in Dagenham for my whole life with my parents and two sisters.

I knew very early on in life that I wanted to be a primary school teacher and was inspired to follow in my mum’s footsteps. She has shown me that we can learn through active and creative experiences, which is something that I like to implement within our class.

I am excited to be a part of the Early Years team, helping our children to learn and grow at such an important age.



Building Homes For The Ducklings – Friday 14th May

We have been busy this week building some homes for the ducklings.  The ducklings were very hungry and thirsty today, they enjoyed drinking their water and eating their food.  Let’s see how much they grow over the weekend…! 🙂 

Ducklings Hatching Part 2 – Thursday 13th May

We had another 2 ducklings hatch today!  One hatched at 9:30am, the next duckling hatched at 5pm.  Now we have 4 altogether!  “They’re saying cheep cheep!”  “They’re talking to us!”  We also built some homes for the ducklings using construction toys.  “This is the slide”  “This is the door.”