Hello and welcome to Reception. My name is Miss Lester and I am one of the Reception teachers.

The children learn many skills while in Reception. We aim to develop early literacy and mathematical skills as well as developing children’s self– confidence and self- awareness whilst encouraging them to build good relationships with their peers and other adults in the setting. The key aspects of effective learning include; being willing to have a go, being involved and concentrating, having their own ideas and enjoying their own achievements.


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In Reception we follow the Early Years Framework. We base all of our classroom activities around the children’s individual needs linking to the 7 areas of learning.

In Reception we have daily Phonics lessons, using Jolly Phonics resources to support the the Letters and Sounds Programme and the development of this important reading strategy. Children have the opportunity to take reading and library books home to share with parents/carers. Click here for the Letter and Sounds Phonics overview.

We teach the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum though half termly topics. Our learning activities link to stories and songs. Children learn through play and exploration in our indoor and outdoor environments. Click here to see our EYFS Curriculum overview.

Each class also enjoys scheduled Physical Education and Computing lessons each week.

This half term we will be talking about journeys into space! We will go on imaginary spaceship rides and discuss what we might see. Children will be encouraged to use ‘WOW’ words to describe their journeys and what they see. Pupils will learn to talk to a partner and to listen and respond to what they say. Pupils will also be encouraged to use ‘because’ and ‘then’ to extend sentences. Pupils will use props to role play some new stories and will be encouraged to listen to others’ ideas during play.

In PE lessons, children will be learning to play some simple games. They will learn to use the space safely. Pupils will also use a variety of equipment such as balls, bats and ropes to develop their coordination. They will learn about the effects exercise has on their bodies. In gymnastics and dance, they will learn to balance on equipment and to move in different ways to music. Children will continue to develop their hand eye co-ordination by using a pair of scissors correctly and safely to cut out simple shapes and outlines. They will do fine motor activities to help to strengthen their fingers in preparation for writing.

Children will continue Phase 2 phonics sessions this half term and will learn the sounds i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, e, u, r, h, f, b, l over the next few weeks. They will learnt to form some letters correctly and to blend sounds to read and spell simple words. They will also be taught to read and write the high frequency words: I, no, go, to, my, and, the. We will read stories based on space journeys and night time such as ‘Whatever next’ and ‘Peace at last’. Children will be taught early reading skills in small group sessions and will take 2 books home each week. Please read the comments in your child’s reading diaries and add your own comments about their reading development.

During child-initiated play and teacher directed activities, children will be encouraged to count beyond 10 and where appropriate, recognise and write numerals above 10. They will explore money and coin values in the role play shop. Through practical activities the children will be learning about the process of addition and subtraction and will use the words more/less. In ‘Shape, Space and Measures’, pupils will learn about length and height and will measure objects using cubes. They will also explore capacity and use language such as ‘full’ and ‘empty’.

Over the coming weeks, children will be learning about night and day and light and dark. They will explore different light sources and how they work. They will learn about the Hindu festival of Diwali and will taste some Indian foods. They will also learn about Rama and Sita. In Computing, the children will use the spray can effect to create firework pictures. They will also play phonics games to consolidate letters and sound knowledge and to develop mouse control.

This half term, pupils will learnt to sing some new songs and to include actions. In body percussion, they will practise keeping in time to a steady beat. In Art and Design the pupils will use ‘junk’ materials to build spaceships and rockets! They will select materials and ways to join them. We will also use paper-mache to make models of planets and stars. The pupils will also create night time scenes by cutting out shapes to use as silhouettes. As we approach Christmas, pupils will make decorations, cards, new year calendars and much more!


Miss Lester

Hello, I’m Miss Lester and I am one of the reception teachers. I have been teaching for four years now but recently moved back to Essex this September after teaching in Yorkshire for three years. I am very happy to be back home where all my friends and family live and working at John Perry.

Foundation Stage  is where I love to be and am absolutely passionate about inspiring young minds. I really enjoy seeing children learn and make discoveries, seeing big smiles on little faces! I ensure that the children in my class have fun and enjoy learning by making it as creative, exciting and imaginative as it can be.

Magda Sudol

My name is Magda Sudol, I have been a member of staff at John Perry for 2 years.

I really enjoy my work with parents and getting to know them and their families and hopefully building up good relationships.

Mrs Karir

Hi, I’m Ms Karir and I am one of the teachers in Reception.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching and I believe it’s the most rewarding career to be in. I have a passion for working with young children as I feel it is an important stage where children’s learning is enhanced and developed further.

Also, I love watching young children being inquisitive in their play by exploring and discovering new things, which helps them gain new knowledge.



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