Visitor Information

Visitor Information

John Perry Primary School requires the support and understanding of our visitors to help us minimise the risk of COVID-19.

We continue to take the advice from Public Health England and London Borough of Barking & Dagenham Council. In line with such guidance we are limiting access to essential visitors only.

If you are unsure as to whether your visit is considered essential, please contact the School’s Office on 020 8270 4622 or email

If your visit is an essential one, we would nonetheless ask that you refrain from coming to the school if

 you have travelled from or transited through any of the countries or areas that are currently on ‘lockdown’ in the past 14 days.

 you have developed a fever (above 37.8C) or a new, continuous cough within the last ten days or are currently presenting flu-like symptoms.

 have knowingly been in close contact with anyone with a confirmed case of Coronavirus (close contact means living in the same house, contact with their bodily fluids, e.g. being coughed or sneezed on, or being within 2m of the person for more than a few minutes).

 have knowingly been in contact with someone who has travelled from any of the named countries listed in Public Health England advisory information without having undergone the advised action relating to 14 days self-isolation and, if recently symptomatic, they have been screen tested in the UK through NHS111 service and been given a negative result


How can you Help Us?

Along with all members of the John Perry Primary School community, any visitors to the School should wash their hands with soap and water before leaving and once they arrive at the school.

If you wear a face covering whilst travelling to the school, this must be safely removed/discarded before entering the main building. Gel hand sanitiser should be available for use on arrival and throughout your visit. If for any reason you do not see this, please ask the School Receptionist.

For the avoidance of potential embarrassment, we would also like to advise you that the School is currently operating a ‘no handshake’ policy for all members of its community.

We apologise for not being able to give you our usual warm welcome, but we are taking the current situation very seriously and consider the welfare of our pupils and staff a priority.

If you have any questions, please contact the member of staff you were due to visit or speak with the school’s office.

Please take time to read the full version of our Visitor Policy.