Hello, my name is Mrs Rix and I am a Year 1 teacher.

Year 1 is made up of three classes: 1Australia (1A), 1Brazil (1B) and 1Sweden (1S). The curriculum builds upon the experiences that children have had in Reception, providing opportunities to learn through exploration and inquiry so that they remain motivated, enthused and eager learners. We believe that the start of your child’s formal education will be a positive, child-centred experience that will foster a love for learning.

Please refer to our class blogs for more information about your child’s learning.


The Year 1 team works closely with Reception teachers to prepare for a smooth transition. We aim to manage the transition from Reception to Year 1 in a gradual, staged approach, which allows the children to adapt during the first half of the Autumn Term.

During Year 1 Children will become more confident and competent in Reading and Writing. Phonics is taught every day for 20 minutes to support Reading, Writing and Spelling. In Year 1 all children will have a phonics screening check during June and the results will be reported to you in the summer term.

In Maths, we focus on the numbers 0 – 100. Children will learn number bonds to 10 and begin to ‘count on’. We also learn about the place value of numbers and how to add and subtract.


Mr Eden

Hello everybody!

My name is Mr Eden. I have been enjoying teaching at John Perry School and currently I am teaching in year one.

I would like to think that an area of strength is my ability to make learning fun. I believe that if my pupils are feeling happy and confident then their learning will flourish (good planning and resources help too). When you walk into my class, it is always vibrant and exciting as I pride myself in making the learning environment conducive for teaching and learning.

As teachers we spend a very large part of the day with children and our influence and impact on their lives is big. I therefore have a strong focus on building a strong class family which promotes positive learning relationships, high expectations and an inspiring learning environment thereby helping children to thrive and reach their highest potential.

With the notion of Malcolm X’s comment in mind, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”, I am pleased to be a member of the John Perry school community to promote the schools’ ethos for children to reach their full potentials to give them a good foundation to become productive adults in future.

My favourite quote is: ‘If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours’ and that is why I wear a broad smile on my face every time which is now permanent by the way so be the reason for someone to smile today.

Mrs Rix

Hi my name is Mrs Rix and I am a teacher in Year 1. This is my first year of teaching at John Perry and I have enjoyed getting to know the community.

I love teaching and enjoy watching the children discover new things about the world around them.Outside of school I love to read, one of my favourite authors is  J.K Rowling.

As a child I loved following Harry Potter through his adventures at Hogwarts! I am also a keen baker and enjoy baking for my family and friends.

Risa Dharmarajan

Hi my name is Ms Dharmarajan and I am a teacher in Year 1.

Teaching has always been my choice for my career. I love watching children’s excitement when they explore, discover new things and gain new knowledge. I strongly believe that each child should have an equal opportunity to experience education in order to achieve their full potential and become a confident member of society.

I am also very keen on healthy life style, I enjoy exploring new recipes and try to keep fit by doing exercise and riding a bike. I love reading books based on true stories and getting to know people and different cultures when travelling.



1B Class Assembly

Welcome to 1B's Virtual Class Assembly. Enjoy. 1B Class Assembly

1S Class Assembly

Welcome to 1S’s Assembly. We hope you enjoy all the things that we have learnt. In 1S we learnt about Plants and how they grow. We also read a book called Willbee the Bumblebee. 1S Class Assembly