Hello. I am Miss Slyman and welcome to Year 6.

This is an important transitional year for the children as it is their last year in Primary school before moving into Secondary education. During this year there is a great emphasis on the core areas of learning; Reading, Writing and Mathematics. During the Summer term pupils are formally assessed in these areas (Statutory Assessment Tests).

We hope that your children enjoy Year 6 as much as we do. For more information about your child’s learning and how you can support them refer to our year 6 blogs.

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To prepare for Secondary school we create an environment, in which the children are motivated to learn independently. To support this, all children receive a homework diary and are responsible for: writing down their spellings/homework each week and keeping a personal reading record. Parents/guardians should sign the homework diary on a weekly basis and use the diary for regular communication with their child’s class teacher.
In the Summer term the children have the opportunity to be a part of the end-of-year school production. This gives them the chance to showcase their skills in singing, dancing and acting, prop making and set design.
We hope that your children enjoy Year 6 as much as we do. For more information about your child’s learning and how you can support them refer to our year 6 blogs.

For further information you can view our curriculum maps here: Our Curriculum here.


Miss Slyman

Hello, my name is Miss Slyman and I am currently a year 6 teacher at John Perry. This is my third year in this brilliant school and I am still enjoying every minute!

In school, I love to learn. Learning is the most important thing for everyone, including us adults. I believe that we should come to school ready to improve our knowledge and make the most of the opportunities we are being given. I have many interests both inside and outside of school. Some of them are: learning about history, reading books for pleasure and swimming.

I love coming to work every day to teach the children in my class and look forward to continuing to help make them the most amazing human beings they can be, and see them on to great things.

Mr Eden

Hello, my name is Mr Eden.

I am very excited about what the future holds for John Perry Primary School as we continuously seek to improve the experiences we provide for the children. I am always overwhelmed by the excitement and enthusiasm that children bring to my classroom and I believe it’s due to the personal relationships we build.

Mr Nkansah

Hi, my name is Mr Nkansah.

The reason I moved to John Perry was due to its warm and welcoming nature. Everyday is a new challenge and I enjoy working with children helping them to succeed. I love to be creative in my classroom and always try to create an exciting and enthusiastic environment to learn in.



Goodbye Year 6

Goodbye and good luck to year six, we wish you all the very best! This fantastic origami artwork was made by JR in 6I. Well done!

Miss Slyman’s Challenge

Miss Slyman has set her 6I class a challenge this week. They need to send in pictures of their home-baking skills. Here are a few of the delicious contributions from Megan, Austeya, JR and Isha...lovely!